Recycled Roses

I wanted to recycle something that I owned so I went through my old sketch books that I wasn’t using anymore and turned them into roses. It was interesting to see how my drawing developed through out the years and some were embarrassingly bad. It’s all part of the process though so I didn’t mind recreating what I once made into something new. I also don’t have much room to keep more sketches so I took pictures of the ones I made and cut them up into this.  It’s being put into good use since my sister is probably going to use them for her engagement photo shoot next month. Her theme is “books” since she is a book worm so these pages won’t go to waste. It will be mixed up with real roses so this way she’ll have a little part of me in her pictures with my sketches making up a portion of the bouquet.


Since WonderCon was during Spring Break, I found it to be a perfect opportunity for me to take pictures of my bet friend in her Cosplay. I feel more comfortable with portrait and fashion photography so I wanted to test my skills and use her as a subject. She would be dressing up as her favorite character in a video game called Overwatch. The photography location is the Aerospace Museum since the character in the video game is a hero pilot.

What Remains – Sally Man

The documentary on Sally Man was interesting and disturbing to me just because I am not open to the thought of “death” or things dealing with dying or decay. After watching this it made me realize how sheltered I have become to the entire idea. It was hard for me to watch the pictures of the dead bodies and at one point I just couldn’t bring my self to look at the graphic realistic images. Her point of view and description as to what she was thinking when she took the pictures calmed my my mind a bit. She compared death to being a part of the cycle of life and that the body is just a vessel that is left behind by the spirit of the person. Instead of being outraged and disgusted by the pictures she was able to get past those emotions and think about it in a way that almost detaches the emotions and looks at it logically. It makes sense since her Dad was a doctor and was also fascinated with the whole concept of death.

She took pictures of the remains of her dog and broke down her thinking process as to why she gets emotional and her heart feels a ping when she sees the claw of her dog. It . interesting to see how much emotion is attached to a decaying bone and she even said it was just a vessel that once held life, so why did the claw make her feel some way? I could relate when I saw the remaining ashes of my Mama as I cleaning out her things after the funeral. I was very close to her growing up and memorized pieces of her that was never captured on film or picture. All I could think about when I saw the ashes, was her leg that I used to help put a cast on everyday when I helped her get ready. I memorized the scars, the shape, the texture of her skin and it was all reduced to ash. The ashes are like the claw of her dog that she loved and it was something that triggered an emotion so strong from a small claw.

I am still not in good terms with the thought of death, but you can’t avoid the inevitable and its more a bad thing than it is good in my mind. Sally wanted to leave a message to hold family close and to treasure the memories you make together while there is still time. She keep a camera with her at all times and tries to preserve memories as she progresses in life. It seems to be a reoccurring theme that most famous photographers do.

Food Blog

This weekend, it was a perfect opportunity for me to take pictures of food, since I was on a family trip, and my family eats good food so I couldn’t be any luckier. This weekend I went up to Las Vegas for my Lola’s birthday party. There was a big family reunion and we ate at a buffet. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the buffet food, which was pretty good, but I was able to take pictures of the revolving sushi bar called “Sapporo” on the first day. Each plate was $2.50, and unlike Kura in San Diego, there was no toy at the end. It was more of a classier setting and I had mostly the Salmon Sashimi. I found that the selective color option useful in this set of photos, it made the food pop out more. The next restaurant was Monta Ramen, I had a Mini Mentaiko which had spicy cod row, green onion, and shopped seaweed over the rice. I added more spice and sesame seeds as toppings and it tasted sooo good. For dessert we headed over to Sweets Raku, which we found as a found dessert place to go to on Facebook. They make a show of their desserts and melt the sweets into the dessert in front of you. I wanted to get them using the flame on the dessert but it was too fast. It was pricey we spent $89 for a family of 5 and the dessert tasted like the dessert you can get at convoy for $5 but it was good for show.

The last two pictures were taken in Anaheim Packing District it was Oreo shaved ice cream in the shape of a panda ears and the other one pictures was of a mint tea lemonade at the Hello Kitty Cafe at Irvine Spectrum.

It was so hard to edit this on an empty stomach because all the food tasted so amazing.

Push Designs

Over the weekend I celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year with my family. We celebrated by eating Dim sum and were given red envelopes for good luck after lunch.  It is the year of the dog so a lot people brought out their dogs with them and the ones I picked out were the pictures that stood out to me the most. It was fun experimenting with the light room techniques and I find it very helpful with my journey in editing and tweaking parts of my photographs. It made the pictures more vibrant and more of what I visioned the picture to look like. It’s different looking through the camera view and different when the picture is blown up.