The Point Counter Point exhibition featured contemporary Mexican photographers. Its theme was change and transformation that related to challenging issues from diverse perspectives. It’s combined with the cultural changes and sheds light on issues compassing Mexico. I believe it is meant to bring attention to the political, social and economic changes to the world to create a helpful environment and explore some of the topics in “new and sometimes uncomfortable ways.” The exhibitions that really stood out to me was the “Recados póstumos” This series consisted of photographed suicide notes that displayed on marquees of abandoned movie theatres in Guadalajara and Jalisco. The events were referred to as “interventions.” The juxtaposition of these elements sends a strong message to the viewer where it has an abandoned cinema that used to be lively and people enjoyed going to as opposed to the suicide “goodbye” note from a person who had life but is now dead inside, like the theatre. Another series called “Red Head Series” by Andrés Carretero touches the subject on the expectations of what Mexicans are assumed to look like. It shows a collection of pictures of Mexican redheads and it is interesting to see in that perspective that destroys the norms of what Mexicans are expected to look like.

Defining Boundaries is a juried youth exhibition that showcases the creativity and perspectives of the local student artists through photography and video. The art work theme was to explore “boundaries” which include physical, emotional and societal boundaries. There was some really talented students that spoke well through their art. A lot of them just had a title no and description, which left me with coming up with my own interpretation of the photo. There was a photo called “Broken Promises” Mackenzie Madriaga that stood out to me because I am not sure what the protest was for but it could relate to such a wide range of topics that go from personal to public cry for attention on issues that need to be discussed. Another photo displayed as a girl who was blindfolded and had written words all over her that says “no means no” and “I was doing them a favor.” It was titled as “No” by Hannah Cheves and the description was “No.” So in my understanding the picture relates to rape and that “No means No”


Blurb Book


Originally I had the book set name to “Transcendence” but I liked “Dreamscape” better since it sounded like “dream” and “escape” put together.


Darkness and light

Richard Avedon was a timeless photographer in the fashion industry. He changed the whole mood of fashion photography. He moved and reacted to the pictures as if he was dancing with the models. His approach in photography opened a creative door in fashion. His photos were so beautiful and fashionable. No matter where he traveled to or what his background was it seemed like he made the location look like a painting. It truly was a masterpiece.

He was a perfectionist and one of the pictures of a model and an elephant was taken, where in my opinion was one of the pictures that drew me in immediately, in his opinion was failure because the sash didn’t sweep to the side to balance the photo. He was always a director and brought a story to fashion.

After seeing this documentary, his work is now one of my favorites. He attacked the media in which he was operating and made an artistry off of the crazy paparazzi but still made the subjects look fashionable and beautiful.

and inspiring.


Alphabet Challenge

AlphabetChallenge copy.jpg

I had fun doing this challenge it was like the Sesame Street game that they play in Elmo’s World or something. All that Sesame Street episodes paid off because it was enjoyable and felt like a scavenger hunt. It made me see the world in a different lens to find these letters in smaller and a larger scale.

Night Photography


Over the weekend worked BlizzCon 2017 with Jinx, which was amazing. The booth that I was at was right in front of the stage so I was entertained with the newest Overwatch and WOW clips. The setting was dark so I thought it would be the perfect time to take picture during my break for night photography. Two weekends ago I also worked a TwitchCon event and tested out my “low light” photography skills. As you can see in the first couple of pictures of female “Hanzo” (the girl riding the dinosaur) and Widowmaker (the girl in blue with a helmet and a ponytail) came out a little grainy. I noticed during BlizzCon as I reviewed over the recent pictures that the pictures are less grainy when I zoom out. I’m not sure if it’s my lens but I like the outcome of the pictures way better when I zoomed out. It was more detailed and less grainy. I saw other photographers at the event and they had these big lens to zoom in closer to the characters and it seemed as though their pictures came out really good with little grain. Maybe my lens has something to do with that? For the grainy pictures I used lightroom to make it less grainy and it helped a bit. It took some video tutorials and lots of research to get my pictures the way I wanted it to look.

This is a great exercise to practice since night photography I feel is my weakness in photography since my pictures came out blurry or grainy in the past.


  1. Street Photography is candid un-staged photography of architecture, people and things. This gets the viewer to be more acquainted to the current state of that moment in its surrounding. It captures the city and people living in it in its most truthful form.
  2. Aperture is the circle is inside the camera to allow light in and Shutter Speed is how fast or slow the shutter goes, it determines wether you want the picture will be blurry or not.
  3. A .PSD file is edited in photoshop layers and saved as that extension and a RAW file goes straight from light and doesn’t go through the process like it would so with a jpeg it goes straight saved to the camera as is thus making it more high quality and a bigger file size.
  4. The metadata
  5. Crop tool
    Spot heal
    Red eye
    Gradient filter
    Radius filter
    Adjustment Brush
  6. Histogram shows the contrast and the white and dark balance to decipher if you want to contrast or expose more or less.
  7. Change saturation, black and white filter
  8. ISO, Aperture, Shutter

Photo Book Proposal Update

“Grow Up”
The theme of my Photo Book project will be titled “Grow Up.” It will be about series of people and who they aspired to be when they were at a younger age and how life took them to where they are now. This could be if they are on the road to fulfilling that dream or if they are already there. It could also be them dressing up to who their heroes were to how they are living out their lives at the moment. The goal is to represent the imagination and possibilities that were open to them at a younger age in contrast to how they perceive life now.
Some of these quotes inspired me to make this theme:
Every child is an artist the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso
“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh
Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” – Dr. Seuss

Silver and Light

In this documentary the artist shows the struggle and frustration that he went through to continue his art. There was a point where he was at his low and saying that he feels like he sucks at what he does and that he chose the wrong path and should give up. He felt as if it was impossible and started to doubt himself. Then later on said “that the only limitations that I put is on myself” and then pushed forward.

It showcased how frustrated he was and even threw the silver plate yet he had a vision and he kept pushing forward.